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Track Day and General Rules 2019.

Please note there are separate race rules for 2019.


To be read in conjunction with all signing on sheets and on the day conditions .




1. Please ensure all valuables are securely locked away  including  bikes  when not on track.We do not accept any  responsibility for any  lost or stolen  items at any  of  our venues.


2. There  is  a  designated refuel/pit area clearly marked, this should be used at all times for  refuelling.THERE IS NOW NO REFUELLING AT YOUR VEHICLES  AT ANY EVENT .Fire extinguishers and firepoint signs will be clearly on view.

Refuelling  is  not  to be  carried out by any persons  under the age of  16.Bikes must be switched  off - dead engines before refuelling commences.No non-riders in  the pit  area other  than  pit  crew  over  16 years  of  age.  ABSOLUTELY no smoking  in this area. Walking  pace  only when  entering and leaving the pits.



3. Helmet and body CAMERAS are permitted at riders own risk (See separate independent advice available via the internet on helmet camera risks)


4. TRACK ENTRY & Exit is  via  the clearly marked signs - do not enter or leave the track in  any areas other  than  those  shown.


5. All pits/car parking areas are dismount and walking pace at all times.Not side saddle.ABSOLUTELY NO RIDING IN THE PITS.


6.  Please  stay on the MARKED COURSE and in  the event  of  a  break down that cannot be fixed trackside await  recovery  by official staff. Please move the bike to a safe  section of the track.


7. A SIGHTING LAP is  not provided so please enable sufficient time to walk the track  and view any hazards  and risks, please use  this to the full before your  first  full lap.


8. Practice/race COURTESY. We would ask  that all novice and new riders move to the left of the track  when faster, more competent  riders approach - where the more  competent  rider will overtake on the right hand side - obviously thanking you  for your  safe and obvious manoeuvre.(Nicolas Rule !)


9. STOPPING on track - riders stopping on the track has  increased  over the season  and we would ask  for  this to stop  unless  you have broken down - remember it is  a 'live' track at all times, groups stopping on corners etc is  totally unacceptable.


10. Any INCIDENTS  on  track should be recorded in  the first instance to a track marshal  or the race director


11. MEDICAL STAFF are on site  and are located nearby the registration marquee or the start/pits in the event of an emergency


12. DANGEROUS and  careless riding will not be tolerated.Abusive language is not acceptable.


13. Please follow the track official’s  directions  at all times.



No spectators are permitted to cross the track at any time - viewing is strictly  via the car park/pit  area unless otherwise stated. If in  doubt, please ask  first! Most venues are now not FREE ROAM.

Dogs must be on a lead at all times.


15.  DRINK & DRUGS are totally  unacceptable - all riders please be vigilant  with this and report any  offenders immediately - offenders  will be asked to leave the event  and could face permanent bans.


16.SAFETY WEAR All riders must have a suitable helmet and off road MX boots .

We would advise goggles,gloves and body armour .


17.HIGH VIZ jackets and general high viz wear at events. Please note only OFFICIAL staff and club stewards/emergency personnel are permitted to wear high viz.


18.DRONES and cameras /photography .

No drones are permitted at our events unless prior agreement is reached. Photographers are permitted but must remain in the safe zones of the paddock etc. Please ask for anything different.


Statutory noise and sound testing will be in place for 2019 any bike failing the noise test will not be permitted to ride on that day .

Noisy Bikes lose venues .Ride quiet!


Event director contact number: 07956 634466.Emergency only on  race day.


Club email


See also separate 2019 race rules .

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